It’s a tornado of thoughts in my head. I am breathing out before I breath in. There is a rage of emotions in my mind. Ideas dance n dangle behind my eyes. I scream to hush them but they continue to waltz. The tempest builds but I want some calm. I growl, I groan, I am grumbling to the core. I run, I fall, I hurt, I cry…I sob, I sigh, I close my eyes. I breath again. The sound is heavy, laiden with thirst. I reach for the fruit that I have seen but not plucked. I bite a fill of sweet content. The bruises pinch me as I pick myself up. I play a tune in my heart I silence the tempo in my mind. I walk past the hoops I was meant to jump. I feel peace my belly and my laugh. Silence called and came upon…life is today not what lies beyond…


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